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Social Media

We offer great affordable social media setup packages. Understanding how to setup a Business LinkedIn page, Facebook page, Twitter page and a Pinterest Pinboard can be a challenge and time consuming if you don't know what you are doing. Let us setup your Business social media accounts at an affordable price and get your business up to speed!

Our social media service packages will help you fill your social media toolbox with useful tools that will help generate new business leads and deals for your business. We will work with you and explain the different social media tools you can use and the pro's and con's of them all. Not all business types should use each of these platforms. We will help you through the deciding which are right for your business.

LinkedIn now has over 150 million estimated users. LinkedIn is great for businesses because it allows you to participate in groups that interest you or will benefit your business.

Facebook has an estimated 850 million users! This is one of the most popular social sites. Facebook is very versatile in what you can do with your page. We will help you open a business account and also direct you to the rules for businesses. Filling out your profile, adding images, and uploading videos to your page help to make it more interesting and interactive for prospective customers. If you wish to have We will help you setup a blog and teach you how to post entries to your Facebook. We can also help you with your image design on your business timeline.

Twitter has 200 million estimated active users and is a very quick easy and effective tool for marketing your business on the Internet. You simply add tidbits of information, new product info, sales and/or specials, links, motivational quotes, etc. and post them through what is call a "tweet!". Keep your tweets professional and beneficial to your followers. We will help you get involved with other tweeters grow your business with twitter.

Pinterest has over 10 million active users, Pinterest is growing in popularity very quickly and can bring a lot of visitors to your website. We will help you setup an account and what is called a "pinboard" which allows you to add visual items such as photos, graphs, videos, etc. Pinning helpful visual information and adding comments allows for good interactions with prospective customers. We will help you become very comfortable with Pinterest.